New Offsite Backup Service

Corporate Innovation Technologies, Launches New Offsite Backup Service  


Corporate Innovation Technologies., the New York-based IT solution specialist, has launched a new service for businesses. Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., is proud to announce their offsite backup service, which provides multiple layers of security and protection for your business data.


The new offsite backup system creates dual layers of protection for data stored on our servers. Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., backups their clients’ data on two separate offsite servers. The second server is designed to back up the first server, creating an unmatched defense against data disaster.

The remote backup service offers many advantages for businesses who are serious about protecting their server information. The offsite backup service at Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., is an excellent choice for data protection in the event of an office theft, flood, fire, or other disaster. Customers who currently utilize their local backup system will continue to use it as their primary layer of security, and the offsite server will act as their second layer of backup at no extra cost for now. Additionally, when clients backup their server data with Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., they have the peace of mind that their data is professionally managed. The company utilizes reliable backup power generators to guarantee continuity of data protection in the event of power outage, climate control to ensure the safety of the data, and redundant disk arrays.

Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., also provides clients with another huge advantage. Each client’s information is encrypted before reaching the backup facility at Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC, which gives them the assurance of knowing their data is safe. Understanding that the data on businesses’ servers is crucial for the longevity and success of each company they assist, Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., encrypts all backup data using AES 128-bit encryption. Before data leaves each client’s server, it is encrypted with a unique session key that guarantees complete data privacy. Using a Secure Socket Layer, the data is transmitted securely to the Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., facility.


The newest service from Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., provides a layered backup system that is virtually infallible. With offsite data backup, clients can rest assured that their data are safe and secure. In the event of an office disaster, the offsite backup system at Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., offers valuable data protection. Customized options for server backup and recovery are available from the team at Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC.


Corporate Innovation Technologies, INC., We will provide free backup to our clients for now, but the backup will only be for their servers. Clients who wish to back up personal computers can request a quote for this additional service.